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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




Happy Easter


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Darmstadt is a World Heritage Site!

Easter Greetings 2021


Happy Easter and stay healthy!


19/12/2020 Christmas and New Year greetings

With this wonderfully kitschy picture we wish all customers. photographers, employees and friends of delosfoto GmbH a reflective Christmas and a healthy and successful year 2021.




Easter greetings

We are still here for you.

We wish all business partners, customers,
photographers, staff and friends happy Easter.

Stay healthy!













Christmas greetings

delosfoto wishes all customers, photographers, employees, friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


















New Imprint according to GDPR is available now







Happy new year - war is over

John Lennon sang that many years ago.

I wish.

What might have become of this tinner (2001, Aleppo, Syria)?











A beautiful, successful and healthy year 2019 for everyone







Christmas greetings

delosfoto wishes all customers, photographers, employees, friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



















What to do in this weather?

Off to Iceland. Many thanks to Steffen Fietze for this picture














All pages described below are now also available in English.



delosfoto has adapted the page "Imprint" to the requirements of the GDPR.

Furthermore, the "Register" page was provided with information on the GDPR.

The page "Photographers" has been supplemented with the chapter GDPR from the point of view of photographed persons.

















Exceptional angles

Some advertising on our own account.

This year's advertisment in Picta Magazine is a real eye-catcher and hopefully will engage further customer interest.

We took a great deal of trouble making it and would like to thank Clara Götz for this incredible picture.







Christmas and New Year greetings

Surely a wrong step.

delosfoto wishes all customers, fotographers, friends and facilitators merry christmas and happy new year.






Images of the Administrations of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes

Leider müssen wir in nächster Zeit einige Bilder aus der Veröffentlichung nehmen.
Unfortunately in the next time we have to remove some images from publication.
Reason is the actually rigorous procedure of the Saxony Administrations of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.
Our customers has to calculate extensive additional demand of the Administrations of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes
in the case of publishing images. Therefore we decided to remove affected material.
Affected images are all images with shooting locations inside the terrain of the administrations.
Images with shooting position on public ground are not affected and will be published furthermore.
The complete compilation of all places of interest in the ownership of German Administrations of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes can
be requested








Incredible but true

Surely a wrong step.

Due to the latest political develpoments we're wishing an immediate restart or a fundamental reconsideration of the taken decisions regarding the climate agreement.






Beautiful Sunsets

We are thrilled.

The temperature has risen and summer's almost there. Finally one can watch the sunset without freezing.








Spring at last

Colourful blossoms enjoying the eyes.

Even the temperature assimilates to the actual date.








The last page

Some eye candy in the end.

The last page is focused on technics. One more time delosfoto shows its keen sense for unusual views.











Number 3

Finally there.

It took a while, but today we proudly present the third page of our new flyer: naturally!









New Flyer page 2

Advertising our own company.

We have designed a new flyer, which highlights our strong points and and arouses the desire for more. We hope it is tasty.











New Flyer

Advertising our own company.

We have designed a new flyer, which highlights our strong points and and arouses the desire for more. As a small taste of it we indicate page 1.










Worth seeing

The Artists' Colony in Darmstadt.

The Mathildenhöhe - center of Jugendstil.







Homeland solidarity

One small hint for the next trip.

Today we'd like to show you a piece of our homeland: Castle Lichtenberg in the beautiful Fischbachtal is always worth a trip.







Fasching, Fastnacht or rather Carnival, however you may call it.

Thanks to Ulrike Bernauer for this athmospheric image.




















Exceptional angles

Some advertising on our own account.

This year's advertisment in Picta Magazine is a real eye-catcher and hopefully will engage further customer interest.

We took a great deal of trouble making it and would like to thank Dr. Thomas Guthmann for this incredible picture.





One of these days.

Tongue out, eyes shut - again tomorrow.









Eye candy

Taking a winter walk, looking for motifs.

A nice walk in the snow when it's sunny - a blessing, at least for the eyes.











Not everyone likes it - so we have a little gift for you.

Due to the actual development we have a smiley for all of you.









Unexpected photo motifs

You don't know what to photograph?

There are atractive photo motifs everwhere - even in apparently boring cities as Epperthausen.








New Year's greetings

We wish all our friends and photographers a spiriting New Year's Eve celebration and a happy, healthy, and successful year 2017.











Christmas greetings

delosfoto wishes all customers, photographers and friends happy and peaceful christmas.










Image stock increases.


We are delightetd that as an immediate effect Mr. Michael Nitzschke is part of delosfotos' photographers. For more information check our homepage.








Getty Images demands money from a photographer for her own picture.

For further details click here. (Source: Spiegel online)

We can guarantee our photographers that this will never happen to them at delsofoto!




Functional, modern, rapid - the relaunch of

Finally it's done: we have invested much effort and work on our completely revised and redesigned website. With immediate effect it is even more easy for our customers to find the right picture with just a few clicks. 


In addition to the modern presentation of the images, delosfoto has radically simplified the price calculation. With just a few clicks you calculate the fees for Rights managed (LP) – images.

The calculated usage fees shall apply:

  • globally

  • for print or online

  • for every edition and display size

  • and for a 2 year usage period

Instead of making your choice out of endless tables, only a few information must be provided.

What kind of usage is planned:

  • private

  • editorial use

  • for commercial products

  • for advertisement / PR / corporate publishing



How do you wish to get the image:

  • digital download or e-mail

  • data carriers (CD / DVD)

  • analog dia

How many times do you plan to use the image:

  • single usage

  • 2-6 image usages

  • 7-16 image usages

  • 17-35 image usages

  • comprehensive usages

Where do you plan to use the image:

  • in the content

  • in the title of publication

Do you wish an exclusive usage:

  • no exclusive usage

  • 2 years exclusive usage

Every image has a basic price, which consists of a determined price and its issued ranking. The usage fees result from supplements for extensive or special usage. Thus, delosfotos calculation of usage fees is quick, easy and transparent.

For further information click here.





Culinary delight

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." (François VI. Duc de La Rochefoucauld)

Let's practise the art and get inspiration from our new slideshow.





Spring awakening

The first flowers are out, showing their magnificence.






We're doing it

delosfoto has placed a new ad in the PICTA-Magazine 2016.

To inrease our notoriety we spared neither expense nor effort: the result can be admired here.
























Krokus tommasinianus

Colors for the soul

"The flowers of spring are winter's dreams." (Khalil Gibran)


You occasionally see them: the Augurs of Spring. They peak their heads throug the snow and leaving us in joyful anticipation of gorgeous colours.





Orange, Hintergrund transparent


Vitamine favourable?

"Man should give his body something nice, so the soul wants to live inside it" (Winston Churchill)


 Do us good and revel in the pleasure!






Laubteppich, Hintergrund schwarz


Colourful autumn

"There's a silence in autumn - even within the colours." (Hugo v. Hofmannsthal)

If you look closly, you might hear it...




Strahlender Stern, Wunderkerze, Freude, festlich, Sekt, Flasche, Glas


We did it!

You don't need a reason to celebrate - but we have one!

With immediate effect delosfoto has more than 50.000 images on sale. Have a look and enjoy - it's worth it










Keim, Hasel, Nuss, Wurzel, Kern, BlattKeim, Hasel, Nuss, Wurzel, Kern, Blatt

The circle of life

"A magic dwells in each beginning,..." (H. Hesse)

This time we got our inspiration from the great Hermann Hesse. And we think he hits the mark.



Kürbis, Feld im Herbst


The golden season

"Summer leaves the field for autumn and autumn summers' fields." (Vernacular)

Because summer has said goodbye for the record, we made a compilation of beautiful autumn images. Enjoy it!




Fassade vom Kongresszentrum Darmstadtium


A little trip through Darmstadt


Because everybody is talking about Darmstadt since the soccerteam has been so successful, we made it a topic. A trip to Darmstadt is not only worthwhile for the visit of a soccer match, but to see Mathildenhöhe, as the centre of the Jugendstil movement.



Weddellrobbe, nah


How to survive the great heat

"Summer is the time when it's too hot to do the job that it was too cold to do last winter." (M. Twain)

This is how it goes: incredibly lazy.





Backen: Käsekuchen mit Brombeeren


Sweet temptations

Nice treats for dessert.

Just the sight of it is enough to make mouths water...






Tomate, Basilikum, Mozzarella, Italien Trilogie


Too hot for dinner?

We're presenting you some tasty starters.

The popular italian starter mozzarella with tomatos. With a little olive oil it becomes a true treat.






Die Frau radelt in den Sonnenuntergang


The heat is on

Germany is melting.

If you cycle fast enough the airstream cools down the skin.







Touristen bewundern die Alhambra


Finally summer

With a warm welcome.

Sun and a phantastic summer for everyone.






Hecke, Wiese, einsamer Baum, Blüte weiß


Spring at least

Welcome to the sunny side.

Welcome to the sunny side. Spring in the tuscany of Hesse. The Bergstraße is a popular destination for stressed-out urbanites. ein beliebtes Ausflugsziel für gesresste Städter. We think we know why.





Euro, Turm, wackelig, Geldschein, Schwemme, Flut, Münze, Cent


Glut of money

After the cost cuts finally a glut of money has appeared.

We're wishing that all the friends of delosfoto will participate on the monthly amount of 60 billions €.




Griechenland, Euro, Eule von Athen, Rettungsring


Cost cuts Euro


Due to the continuing price decline of the euro the ECB made a decision: the euro production has to be on a budget. This is why the 1 and 2 € coins are hereafter only made up of the inner section, the core. The parting of the coins is easy. Understandably the outer ring is worth 0 €. But taking it to a scrap merchant may bring you a notable yield.



Gewürze im Glas, Paprika, Zimt, Curry, Wacholder, Nelken, Senf


Get your ideal photo with delosfoto

You are searching a special image, but not successfully yet?

No problem: as of now the delosfoto GmbH deals with your remittance work. contact us, if you are interested.





Weihnachtsmarkt in der Maximilianstraße, Weihnachtsschmuck, Engel


Merry christmas and a perfect start into 2015

The team of the delosfoto GmbH wishes a peaceful and reflective Christmas to all the friends of good photography.

Enjoy the free days and have good start for the New Year. To get you in the right mood, we have prepared a little slideshow.





Due to the fact of masking the bareness of artworks we wondered if this is a possible solution. See more on facebook.


The latest edition of the PICTA-Magazine will be published including a famous delosfoto advertisement. With amazing eyecatchers we're looking for customers - and for a prospreous new year.



Ruderboot auf dem See, Wasser


The BVPA lately picked out some pictures from delosfoto - amongst others - for their homepage:














It's done!


delosfoto took a chance and moved to a new server successfully.


Your advantages are: any process you start will be more safe and significantly faster, which increases the comfortability and effency of your research.

Besides we noticed, that the delosfoto Photo Search (left) seems to be favoured by Getty Images. They adapted their searchfunction  and we were very surprised: the result of Getty Images (right) seems similar to our consideration from 2008!

















More than 40.000 pictures within the search

Things are moving forwards: We have recently broke the border of 40.000 pictures within our search. To continue to florish we gladly welcome the further increase of our archive - maybe being supported by your photographic work?



New orientation possibility for photographers: list of needs

Though we are working busily on the development of our picture archive and gladly welcome constant additions - yet, we are not able to serve every single customer request in detail. For this purpose, registered photographers of delosfoto can by now access to a list of needs that informs about the latest motifs being required by customers.

Once having logged in, photographers can access to the document under the menu "Resources". The list is constantly being updated. New entries can easily be identified by red markings.

As a matter of course, we will forward especially urgent requests to our photographers directly.



delosfoto in new PICTA-magazine



We are pleased: The new PICTA-magazine of the BVPA is available now - and as a matter of course, delosfoto is joining this as well.

We cordially invite you to have a good look - not least for our announcement. Enjoy!



Merry christmas and a happy new year!

To all photo-inspired friends the team of delosfoto wishes relaxing holidays and a happy, successful new year 2014. As a comforting substitute for the still missing snow we would like to surprise you with a little photo series - happy browsing!



Extensive changes at delosfoto

The photo market lives – it grows, changes and gets more flexible. Towards this dynamic, delosfoto wants to keep step. Therefore, we are glad that we now are able to offer you a price system that effectively responds to market needs.

We comprehensively reduced the licenses for image uses. In addition, new customers by now receive a 25 % welcome bonus with their first purchase.

In the context of this adjustment we also revised our web presence.

Our actualized image search offers a special advantage since it is now supplemented by a price calculator. With the help of that you can specifically research and calculate according to your individual usage. Additionally, you can pre-choose between the combination of the latest shooting date/best ranking and the lowest price level.

Also, the detailed view by now displays the number of pixels and the downloadable file size. You can immediately use this download function after the log-in.

Of course we will continue to work on the optimization our performance. Therefore, we will at any time welcome your supporting feedback.



Flyer for travel companies



To all photo-inspired friends the team of delosfoto wishes a merry christmas and a happy new year 2013. Appropriate to the most cosily time of the year, we have prepared a small photo series for you - enjoy!



From now on, delosfoto is also able to scan roll films in the format of 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 7 cm and 6 x 9 cm.



We are glad to announce that these days, the archive delosfoto is about to break the mark of 20.000 pictures.

As we are constantly working on the enlargement of our selection, the next jubilee surely won't be far away - especially considering your support as a photographer.

Your team of delosfoto



Flyer for introduction of delosfoto



Press statement for institutions and organisations



delosfoto launches business


Press statement on the launch of the delosfoto GmbH

Press statement for professional journals and a short program description

Finally the time has arrived: By the date of October 1, delosfoto is officially to be launched. This means that from now on, we are glad to supply customers with an extensive offer of high-quality images and multifaceted easily-operated search functions as well as photographers with the possibility to adequately market and conveniently manage their own images.

Did we arouse your curiosity? In that case, why don't you just take a look at our information categories in order to learn more about our offer and philosophy? Or contact us directly via our website by using the contact form.

By telephone, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (CET) at the numbers

+49 (0) 6078 912250    or    +49 (0) 171 3572390.

In addition, you can at anytime reach us via email at the adress

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your team of delosfoto

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