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Definition of image types at the photo agency delosfoto

Differences Licensed Pictures (LP) / Royalty Free Images (UU)

Licensed Pictures (LP)

Royalty Free Images (UU=Unlimited Usage)

In our database, Licensed Pictures are labeled with a “LP” for “licensed pictures”.


Royalty Free Images are labeled with a “UU” for “unlimited usage” in our database.

The rights of use of the LP are assigned for a previously defined purpose (extension, media, print run, etc.). The license is only valid for the defined purpose and only during a previously defined period.


utilization of images

You can use purchased UU-images during an unlimited period, non-exclusive and worldwide. This applies to an unlimited amount of usages. The UU-license has to be purchased before using the image. The license is nontransferable. You are not permitted to transmit the image data.

Temporary exclusive rights can be agreed upon.


A protection against the usage of the images via third persons is impossible.

If requested, an usage list concerning all previous usages – including “date", "state", "purchaser", "media” – can be provided for any image of the database.

Usage list

It is impossible to provide an usage list.

We will endeavor to achieve an enabling if the LP’s rights of use of third persons are bothered. Therefore we need exact declarations concerning the type of use; eventually also concerning the caption.


rights of third persons

The usage of UUs occurs always is always at the purchasers own risk. Please regard our instructions.

LP always demand a clear attachment of the author and the photo stock agency with the picture. We demand the transmission of a voucher copy.

Image reference

In case of the publication of an UU, we demand a declaration of the photo stock agency which has to be clearly allocable to the image. We ask you for a delivery of a voucher copy.

You receive the images in analogue (slides) or digital (original scans; standard are ca. 60 MB for an A3 printing reproduction; if desired also in better quality) form. All images are in .tif format and mainly not edited. Type of delivery is download, a CD or a DVD.

Image quality

UUs are only delivered in digital form. The data on the CDs are stored as multimedia files in .jpg format (max. 1 MB per image). The same applies to single images in multimedia definition. Images in medium definition (max. 10 MB) are delivered in .jpg format. Images with high definition (max. 30 MB) are delivered as .tif or .psd data. Images with extra definition (max. 100 MB) are delivered as .tif or .psd data. All UUs may be edited.


Image Prices

Please use our price calculator for the exact pricing.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to working on your e-mail requests. Feel free to use our prepared form.

Please submit all usage relevant data.


Our CD-samples cost between 144,00 and 240,00 €. The CD prices are quoted in the overview as well as in the CD’s description.

Single image top scan definition 268,00 to 492,00 € (31 to 60 MB)

Single image extra high definition 152,00 to 260,00 € (21 to 30 MB)

Single image high definition 96,00 to 168,00 € (5 to 20 MB)

Single image medium definition 64,00 bis 136,00 € (max. 5 MB)

Single image multimedia definition  27,00 to 45,00 € (max. 1 MB)

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